Artwork Ahoy! 

Too excited for words!


Yet somehow I will express myself in English to let you know that an old song from Liminal's back catalogue (that always sounds rather wicked) will be available for sale soon.


This is the song Star Catcher, recorded way back in 2007 and released on a limited-run CD through AMES in 2011. With fresh mastering, it is being processed by the CD Baby gnomes as we speak.


My wonderful drummer, Kanvar Nayer, and I have been cooking up some accompanying artwork. We're proud of it! Hope…

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A Quiet One 



It’s strange to be sitting in a bar, drink in hand.


As a veteran of the music industry, you’d think that would be par for the course for me.


However, the reality is that I don’t drink a lot – hardly at all, in fact. Being in a bar or club invariably means that I’m working in some capacity – gigging, event management, the door, photography, reviewing or just giving my muso friends some support. It’s not really an environment conducive to drinking.


Let the punters fully enjoy themselves…

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Corinna and friends are putting the finishing touches on a swag of classic numbers, to be featured on the forthcoming cover album (coming 2023).