Liminal formed in 2001 in the time-honoured way of friendly collaborations and jams between friends, but was almost immediately selected as joint-winners of the HITZ-FM “Exposure” competition. After gigging steadily around Melbourne to a group of avid supporters, the band became a cohesive unit with considerable stage presence, fronted by the guitar snarl of Amber Elias and the epic vocal attack of Corinna Jane - “the female Robert Plant”. Tracks such as Galaxy and Single Female Wanted garnered praise from reviewers and a slew of awards on Garageband. After 15 years and several lineup changes, with fond farewells to the original members, Liminal has morphed into a vehicle for Corinna Jane’s co-written rock material, recorded with new friends and a few familiar faces, such as Alan Murphy of Dear Stalker/Black Pony Express and Kanvar Nayer. Megafauna, the first full EP, was released as of 15th September 2020, and has been described as harking "back to an age when rock was the apex predator.... Megafauna is big."


Liminal offer a fresh approach to a classic format - the traditional rock band. Their sound has been described as "the right blend of sophisticated yet contagious" and "something of a lost art". The group fuse soul and rock, resulting in material that is intense, dynamic and powerful. 

Liminal features Corinna Jane, "the female Robert Plant", according to the Hard Rock Cafe Melbourne's Entertainment Manager. Influenced by the likes of Aretha Franklin, Corinna is known for her explosive vocal power, soulful style, sensual timbre and singular vocal range. 

Liminal formed in September of 2001. The band was off to a flying start when selected as a joint winner of the HITZ-FM Exposure songwriting competition. The judges were impressed by one of the band's very first compositions, Inclement Moon. This success resulted in a lengthy live broadcast of original material, when the band was a mere two months old. Following this auspicious beginning, Liminal has steadily gained recognition for their painstakingly-crafted original material. 

One number that has garnered a lot of praise is Galaxy, a fast-paced, driving track, which was included on the 2002 Girl 2 compilation CD. Respected music journalist Clem Bastow noted that Galaxy's musical strengths were "something of a lost art".  Galaxy features the guitar prowess of Amber Elias nee Rich, a little-known treasure of the local scene, and the bass propulsion of Alex Steve, now a member of Leipzig Lab. The success of Galaxy led to appearances on the channel 31 television programme, Russ Kellett's Melbourne as well as a number of showcase performances at Melbourne icon, the Esplanade Hotel. 

The knock-down, drag-out track Shadowed was included on the internationally released Payola1 compilation CD. Sultry track Single Female Wanted was released via Payola2, with a big launch in May at Melbourne's Pony, along with Kathematics, Koshowso and Stardiner. These tracks subsequently gained synchronisation licences from the popular local television show, Fat Pizza. September saw the band host "Take 2: 3, 4, 5", a special event which featured Liminal alongside stellar Melbourne musicians Tempted and the Deborah Hocking Band, performing unique cover versions of each act's original tunes. 

In 2007, Liminal featured on the Two-Up: Double A-Sides compilation, released through Phonoscope Productions, headlining the day-long CD launch at the Empress Hotel. This incarnation of Liminal featured Kanvar Nayer on drums and Stephen Robb on guitar.

Whilst the band currently does not operate as a live ensemble, a great deal of recording has been happening behind the scenes, and Liminal's first EP, Megafauna, was released in September 15, 2020 via digital platforms.


Liminal has performed at countless venues around Melbourne, including: 
The Espy 
Cornish Arms 
Corner Hotel 
Empress Hotel 
Hard Rock Cafe 

Liminal has done support slots for artists such as: 
Monique Brumby 
Modular Lounge 
Cyndi Boste 
Deborah Hocking Band 
Black Pony Express 


2002 - Galaxy on Girl 2 compilation 

2005 - Vic Arts EP demo CD 

2005 - Leonine on Melbourne Live compilation 

2006 - Shadowed on Payola1 compilation 

2006 - Single Female Wanted on Payola2 compilation 

2007 - Monday and Morning Light on Two Up: Double A-Sides CD compilation 

2011 - Star Catcher on AMES Unsigned And Original compilation 

2013 - Galaxy digital single released on iTunes 

2014 - Single Female Wanted digital single released on iTunes 

2014 - Shadowed (remastered) digital single

2015 - Star Catcher digital single

2015 - Star Catcher digital EP

2020 - Megafauna EP (digital album)

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