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Corinna Jane is an Australian singer, songwriter, performer and recording artist. After many years in the rock and soul fields, Corinna is now finding success through the dance scene, with House, Nu Disco, Trip Hop and Chill Out tracks coming to the attention of the public. Corinna is well known for her explosive vocal power, sensual timbre and singular vocal range. Influenced by the likes of Aretha Franklin, Renee Geyer, Janis Joplin and Minnie Riperton, she has been described as “the female Robert Plant” and her style as one of “effortless beauty”.


2016 was a massive year for Corinna Jane. Collaborations with France's Mark Lower resulted in "The Chase" EP, released through Spirit Soul Records. The two-track release reached #2 on Beatport's Chill Out charts, with over 100,000 plays on Soundcloud. Many more collaborations with talented producers are in various stages of production. Corinna's vocals also featured in two movies, Stage Left and Au Revoir, and one of her compositions was published in a choir songbook.


2018 proved to be another big year for Corinna, as her collaboration with the U.K.'s Passionardor resulted in a hit on the Aussie iTunes Dance charts. Love Getaway (Escape), was released through Chicago To London, and raced up the charts to nab the #13 spot.


Corinna's debut album is due to be released in 2023. The first single from the album, a starkly different version of the classic White Wedding, was a surprise hit on iTunes.

Corinna Jane is also the lead vocalist and main songwriter of Liminal, an indie band that fuses rock and soul in a dynamic style that is intense and compelling. Liminal's CD recordings are currently being released in a digital format, and include works such as Galaxy, Shadowed and the award-winning Single Female Wanted. Liminal's debut EP, Megafauna, was released in September of 2020, amassing 45K plays on Spotify to date and placements on over 100 playlists. A review of the 4-track noted that it "... harks back to an age where rock was the apex predator... Megafauna is big."

Prior to her current adventures, Corinna self-released a CD single of recordings with the rock band Nova. The recording was compared favourably to the Beatles and Corinna's vocal work on the featured track, The River Song, described as "simply amazing... Her voice goes from a smoldering, seductive purr to a stunning high as the song crescendos to a close. She has the ability to inject an emotion, a soul into her voice that is seriously lacking a lot of modern music."


Some of Corinna's previous bands include:

Bull In A China Shop

Magic Circle Club (finalists Yamaha Rock '94)


The Dormice

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Corinna and friends are putting the finishing touches on a swag of classic numbers, to be featured on the forthcoming cover album (coming 2023).