Think Janis Joplin, Nikki Lamborn and Melissa Etheridge all rolled into one magnificent package, and you are pretty close to Corinna Jane. Her vocals could bring grown men to their knees.” - Paddy

— Only Australian Music

Large or giant animals of an area, habitat, or geological period is a neat summary of what ‘Megafauna’ means. But if we change animals to music, habitat to genre, period to now, you would be in the megafauna era of Liminal. Liminal’s Megafauna is a trip right back to the glory days of heavy rock, where everything was bigger: bigger guitar sounds, bigger drums, massive bass and larger than life vocals. Megafauna harks back to an age where rock was the apex predator, inspiring the youth to buy guitars, grow out their hair and tell the world loudly that they’re here and deserve to be heard. Megafauna is a four-track EP that will stir and evoke a want to move with passion, and to have the volume a little louder than normal - Megafauna is big. And, in honour of the rock gods, Megafauna has been recorded on to tape just like in days of old. The sound is warm and at times garage-like. Guitars are a dueling focus with Liminal’s vocalist. Both have a respect for the song and it’s never a death match. Megafauna bows to the animal of heavy rock and it is worthy of the god’s attention. "A Ghost Story", the opening track, begins with a classic lonely guitar and builds into a kind of Portishead-on-metal landscape. "What If I" gives a bow to Motown. A groovy bass line with a Blondie sprinkle evokes New York evenings of the 70’s. "Lost My Voice" reminds me of Soundgarden, classic 90's rock that slinks around like a wild animal. "Hush" a thoughtful and calm delight that secretly drifts and flirts with bluesy weapons and massive drum rhythms. Liminal’s Megafauna is a great little EP. It’s been spinning on my deck for over a month now and I highly recommend you get yourself a copy." - Scott Pilgrim, review of Megafauna

"It’s great that even while we are experiencing such difficult times with many unknowns, a group of very talented artists have come together and made an album filled with heartfelt and powerful messages. 
The music transported us back to all of our What If I’s and what could have been’s. Hush and Lost My Voice are songs that we can all see ourselves in, one way or another, and we all have A Ghost Story in our past. 
Corinna with her stunningly talented voice and storytelling is able to look at the good and bad in our lives, transporting our experiences into these songs and lifting our heavy hearts. 
Corinna and her band have created an EP that is full of joy, hope, and a little healing." - Vikki Sandford Nash review of Megafauna


I have to say, usually, when I see the genre “dance “, 9 times out of 10, it is going to be some kind of computerized, anotized drivel…But here, I find this very human, very heartfelt and soulful music, brimming with power and raw emotion…Incredible vocals and just beautiful songs! What an absolute masterpiece!” - Drew Allison, Singer and songwriter


Pop/rock storytelling with catchy bass riffs and haunting female voice work... Tight, with a smattering of grunge here and there.” - Mark Airlie, Drill Magazine (New Zealand) review of Shadowed
What a voice! I think it is just my taste and may not be a universal truth (I'm really torn on this point) but I think on the more intense sections the singer should be on top just a little more. OK. I realize how that could sound and maybe I mean that too. It's a voice I could fall in love with. Sexy sexy lady. She can sing to me any time.” - HarpOFly

— Garageband website

Corinna Jane was from the moment I first saw her sing live, the best female Rock Singer I have ever heard" Eleyan Di Palma (HITJ)” - Eleyan Di Palma

ReverbNation - Liminal's profile

A real singer teamed with old guitar music (seventies). Like a heavier Olivia Newton John. I’m getting strangely turned on. This must be magic….” - Magnus Magnusson - review of Shadowed

— PBS website

... Bewitching and grand... a journey through the full gamut of emotions. Corinna has the creative instinct to know just how much of her extraordinary vocal power to release at any given moment... Liminal is the sort of band that always leaves you wanting more.” - Dr. Grouse of 3CR

— Melband website

This song sounds like the best soundtrack to the best John Hughes movie that never was.... something of a lost art... reminiscent of the best late '80s - early '90s guitar pop, without drifting into mere imitation.... Liminal is one to watch.” - Clem Bastow - review of Galaxy



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