A Quiet One



It’s strange to be sitting in a bar, drink in hand.


As a veteran of the music industry, you’d think that would be par for the course for me.


However, the reality is that I don’t drink a lot – hardly at all, in fact. Being in a bar or club invariably means that I’m working in some capacity – gigging, event management, the door, photography, reviewing or just giving my muso friends some support. It’s not really an environment conducive to drinking.


Let the punters fully enjoy themselves and have a classy or rowdy good time. It’s not a good idea to lose focus when you’re the person responsible for an outcome! They may not notice certain things, but I do. That lead dangling off the side of the stage, for instance. That drink carelessly placed on top of the mixing desk. The lax security guard who mysteriously disappeared, just when he was really needed. The random person who has jumped up on the stage and is messing around with the guitarist’s carefully set up arrangement of pedals. All of these issues and many more present themselves to my attention!


Tonight, I am at the Post Office Hotel, having a quiet bourbon, all to myself. Tonight is an unusual move for me. I would rather be gigging, but I thought I’d try it on the other side of the fence for once.  I’m only doing sporadic gigs at present. Once my releases are done, I’ll swing into action and book some gigs at good venues for the launch and so on.


The Post Office Hotel is a great venue, beautifully run, and there are no dodgy leads, no drinks on expensive equipment, nothing of concern. The staff members are friendly and know their stuff. It’s one of those venues that appreciates the musicians it hires, and one that has music on most nights. Speaking of music, it’d be nice if some acts were on…. It’s a bit early in the night, mind you. Ah, bourbon’s finished.


I have enjoyed sitting here but I can’t really relax. I think I’ll go home and do something productive…. Write a song. Design a CD cover. Email my awesome songwriter friend in London. Something… ANYTHING to do with music.

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