Heartbeat Expansion

Corinna Jane

"Inside a dream, everything is perfect... Heartbeat Expansion is an exquisite universe of beauty, come float away…" This is the extended single version, which includes instrumental and vocal-only versions of the track.

Rock/soul vocalist Corinna Jane has done the unexpected with this atmospheric original release. Heartbeat Expansion hearkens back to the days of Portishead and Massive Attack, with a big drum beat, ambient bass, eighties-influenced guitar and ethereal vocals.


"Inside a dream, everything is perfect. Heartbeat Expansion is as serene as the night sky, full of sailing stars, drifting on an atmospheric, expansively tranquil bass line that reminds me of Pino Palladino. A sultry mix of Portishead beats, Franklin’s soul and Summers’ shimmer. Heartbeat Expansion is an exquisite universe of beauty, come float away…" - Scott Roy, singer-songwriter, New Zealand.

"Corinna Jane's new single, Heartbeat Expansion, is written in a dreamy Eva Cassidy-meets-Goldfrapp Sunday cruise mode with elements of the psychedelic. Whilst bordering the artist’s writing style from rock to trip hop, this single proves the vast skill and certainty of Corinna's vocal ability. She only lets her full voice out for two haunting notes, which catch the listener in their full force and keep you wanting more. I found myself seeing colours and feeling lifted whilst listening.... I love songs like this. They go straight on my holiday-get-away playlist and my up-late-dreaming playlist. I can hardly wait for the much anticipated album from the Liminal singer and vocal powerhouse Corinna Jane." - Arowe, singer/songwriter, Melbourne.

“Okay, I'm rating this song a 10 because this sounds like it should be on a movie soundtrack. It's perfect for movies like Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, or any movie with that kind of feel to it. This is definitely a song you would hear on a movie and then [be] purchased by the thousands who heard it on there. The electric guitar intro sounds amazing and the bass gives it an irresistible tone. It's like Adele meets Lana Del Rey! The vocals sound really great. It's the style of vocals you're hearing a lot of these days. I really think this song will be on a film soon... It's that good.” - Crowd review from ReverbNation website.

"I love how this starts out. The mood of the guitar picking emulates the "droplets of water" that the lyrics point out, and I get the feeling of being inside on a rainy day. The vocalist really takes full front with a gorgeous, relaxed voice. Reminds me significantly of other low-fi indie acts like, maybe, Blonde Redhead. Lyrics are excellent. I love the mood here. The constant build and release of the track is something that hooked me from the start. This has been the best track I've heard on the website so far.” - Crowd review on ReverbNation website


Composition (c) Stephen Robb/Kanvar Nayer/Michael Dale/Corinna Peachey 2007. Lyrics (c) Corinna Peachey 2007. All rights reserved.

This recording (p) Corinna Jane Peachey 2014.

Personnel: Guitars: Jon Cook. Bass: Sheldon Jones. Drums: Alan Murphy. Vocals: Corinna Jane.

Recorded and mixed at Newmarket Studios, North Melbourne, Victoria.

Music engineer: Callum Barton. Vocal engineer: Jules McKenzie. Mixing engineer: Jules McKenzie. Drum edits: Callum Barton, Alan Murphy and Kanvar Nayer. Producer: Corinna Jane. Mastering: Joe Carra of Crystal Mastering. Photography: Corinna Jane. Graphic design and additional artwork: Kanvar Nayer.

Made with love in Australia.

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