White Wedding

by Corinna Jane

Released 2014
Released 2014
"A singer at the top of her game - assured, controlled, passionate.... Corinna Jane is fearless" in her reworking of Billy Idol's 80s classic. This is the extended single release, with instrumental and vocal-only versions of the song.
White Wedding is the first single from Corinna Jane's debut album. This is the extended single release, presented with an instrumental version and a special vocal-only version of the song.

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia's rock capital, Corinna Jane is known for her explosive vocal power, sensual timbre and singular vocal range. Corinna has been described as “the female Robert Plant” and her style as one of “effortless beauty”. Influenced by Aretha Franklin, Renee Geyer and Wilson Pickett, her material fuses rock and soul. The album presents Corinna's own interpretations of rock, blues and soul classics, with the first cab off the rank being White Wedding. The song was originally written and performed by the legendary Billy Idol, and is arguably his greatest and most recognizable composition.


"There are some songs that you just know intimately; like the skin on the back of your hand. Like the veins, scrapes and scars, rhythms, chord structures, vocal inflections are all familiar and envelope you like the arms of a loved one. You feel all warm and snugly in its embrace, even when it's a loud sweaty one.

Billy Idol's 80s post-punk commercial hard rock/metal anthem White Wedding is like that to me: something that’s been listened to, played in bands and been part of the soundscape for ages.

Then someone, 30 years after you first hear it, changes it. Not some light dusting at the edges either but a full-scale renovation that knocks out walls and makes you discover things that the original had papered over. As good as a holiday they say....

Opening with a bluesy-jazzy guitar, reminiscent of John Scofield, you are then drawn in to Corinna's hauntingly vulnerable vocal. The meter only seems odd because to your brain, White Wedding goes down a well-trod path. C.J.'s path leads you somewhere else entirely. Tension builds as you move forward however you get a sense of calm when the familiar bass line kicks in.

In the middle 8 - the quiet bit - there is emotion and a possibly unconscious nod to another great Australian singer. "There is nothing safe in this world, BABY!" is right out of the Chrissie Amphlett playbook. It's a cracker!

This section also has some interesting counterpoint vocals teamed with a shimmering guitar.

There are a couple of notable performances here - the guitar player is all over it. While the original had all the wailing 80s guitar trickery that Steve Stevens could muster, this is vitally different. Much more down-to-earth in tone and performance; and if you listen closely there are traces of Santana, Scofield and Stevie Ray.

So, did I like it? Yeah. There is beauty in the sound, with the timbre of her voice and the vocal part itself embedded like another instrument in the track.

It's full of little things that make it a joy to listen to: the guitar tremolo, solid bass playing and the slightest grit in her voice."
- REVIEW by Murray Hyde, drummer, Melbourne, Australia.

"Some songs have ingrained themselves into the collective musical consciousness so deeply you’d dare not cover them. Melbourne singer Corinna Jane is fearless. And with good reason. Corinna takes on Billy Idol’s indelible hit White Wedding in her latest release, a slick re-invention of the classic tune.

Sparse electric guitars accompany Corinna’s vocal - a restrained, smouldering voice that hints of a power in danger of being unleashed at any moment. This is a singer at the top of her game - assured, controlled, passionate - given space to flourish by her musicians.

White Wedding will form part of an album of covers to be released later this year. Meanwhile, you can hear more of Corinna's stirring vocals on her ReverbNation page. I highly recommend you do."
- REVIEW by Terry Springford, singer/songwriter, Melbourne, Australia.

"The scene is set is set by a touch of fuzzed tremolo guitar, dark and brooding. You could be entering a saloon bar in the Wild West…. Then the all-important space, that lingering moment before the first wispy word is presented… Oh, what have you done, indeed. Corinna and her band have re-invented an 80s classic that still manages to whip the lip into a snarl, but also teasingly licks and dances in a provocative manner that will have you idolizing every moment."
- REVIEW by Scott Roy, singer/songwriter, New Zealand.

"A word of warning before you listen to Corinna Jane's sexy as hell take on White Wedding - be prepared for the cold shower you will need after it! Starting with sparse guitar, the space shaped by Corinna's aching vocals builds an exquisite tension that leads you straight into the arms of the waiting bass and drums. Before you know it the groove has you by the hips, the guitar is urging you on and that glorious voice is lifting you higher, and higher, and higher until... on second thoughts, skip the cold shower and just listen to it with a good friend. "
- REVIEW by Jane Cameron, singer/songwriter/ukulele player, Queensland, Australia.

"It takes some moxie to cover a song as iconic as Billy Idol's White Wedding, but Corinna Jane is up to the task. She turns the snarling MTV rock of the original into a modern brooding epic. Her clear vocals smoulder with barely suppressed intensity before she cuts them loose near the end. Overall, it's an impressive interpretation and Jane puts her own stamp on this well known tune."
- REVIEW by Richard Munoz, journalist, Queensland, Australia.

"Dreamy, sexy and cheeky with just enough 'oomph' to keep your head bopping. Well sung, well played, well delivered, loved it. Keep ‘em coming, Corinna."
REVIEW by Patrick Lazzaro, guitarist, Brisbane, Australia.

Guitars: Jon Cook.
Bass: Sheldon Jones.
Drums: Kanvar Nayer.
Vocals: Corinna Jane.

Recorded and mixed at Newmarket Studios, North Melbourne, Victoria. Proudly made in Australia.

Music engineer: Callum Barton.
Vocal engineer: Jules McKenzie.
Mixing engineer: Jules McKenzie.
Producer: Corinna Jane.
Executive Producer: Thomas Peachey.
Mastering: Joe Carra of Crystal Mastering.
Photography: Corinna Jane.
Graphic design: Kanvar Nayer.
Art design: Corinna Jane.

With the greatest of respect to Billy Idol, the originator and the best.

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