To Love Somebody

by Corinna Jane

Released 2014
Corinna Jane Peachey
Released 2014
Corinna Jane Peachey
"Corinna Jane sings with "unforced power and musicality" in this soul-laden cover of the Bee Gees tune, presented here with special instrumental and vocal-only versions.
To Love Somebody is the second single from Corinna Jane's forthcoming debut album. This is the extended single version, with additional instrumental and vocal-only versions of the song.


"I admire singers. It’s hard to hide as a singer, standing there with just your voice and your chutzpah.

And Corinna Jane can sing, damn her! With her evocative and bluesy Dusty Springfield-esque tone and the song’s sixties style sound, she took me all the way to Memphis. All you need to hear is the opening chord on a hard-right mixed guitar followed by CJ’s seemingly effortless opening notes and there you are, on Beale Street, eating Gus’ fried chicken, BBQ and black-eyed peas, complaining about the humidity.

To Love Somebody is the second single from Corinna’s upcoming album... Originally written by Barry and Robin Gibb in 1967 for Otis Redding, it’s not a wonder that this song evokes those soul feelings.

While Corinna plainly owns this version of the song one can hear echoes of Nina Simone’s 1969 take on it too - Kanvar Nayer’s drum feel sounds a lot like a pre-Miles Don Alias.

The performances don’t disappoint here either. A good bass player can make you smile involuntarily sometimes and Sheldon Jones’ bass feel is like that. Grin-makingly rock solid, if a little lost in the mix. Jon Cook doing his best Steve Cropper plays a sparse and tasteful guitar solo too (keeping it very Memphis).

After that, the main and backing vocals get a real lift. Corinna’s performance is one of unforced power and musicality and Tracy Misso and Clare Luisa are ‘girly singers’ (said with respect, ladies) in the finest tradition adding great light and punch.

... This is a great version of a classic song. Get on board and let Corinna Jane take you away."

- REVIEW by Murray Hyde, drummer, Melbourne.

"This song, written and performed by The Bee Gees and covered by over 50 artists, is a classic for the ages, now reinterpreted by Melbourne artist Corinna Jane and her band. It is performed with passion and authenticity by all involved and Corinna Jane sings with a conviction that make the words become her own, with fine support by her back up singers."

- REVIEW by Benjamin Yates, drummer, New South Wales.

"Corinna Jane has a knack for taking classic songs and making them her own while still keeping the feel of the original. Her cover of the Bee Gees' tune To Love Somebody is no exception. She has added a whiff of country, a heavy dose of Led Zeppelin-esque blues and female vocal harmonies. Combined with her own powerful and versatile voice these elements create a song which is grittier than the original but retains its passion."

- REVIEW by Richard Munoz, journalist, Queensland.

"Corinna Jane has been a long-standing member of Melbourne’s singer/songwriter community, varying her vocal styles from soul to rock to jazz to a hybrid of all 3.

Her newest edition - a cover of the classic To Love Somebody - rings reference to the days of Renee Geyer at her very height. With a driving backbeat synonymous with the best of soul recordings, Corinna Jane stamps her authority on the song with a smooth and melodic form during the verses, and a burst of strength and grit through the chorus sections.

The recording holds a typical vintage sound as old school methods are employed including recording on to 2-inch analogue tape and a live approach to recording the instruments....

This one’s worth a listen if you like old soul, Mo-town and gospel sounds – or are a vocal enthusiast. This woman’s got a voice!"

- REVIEW by Josh Forner, Music Business Graduate, Melbourne.
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"When Corinna sent this song to me to review she told me that she was trying for an old-school, authentic live sound - a little bit gospel, a little bit Motown and without the over-production that we often get confronted with these days.

She has succeeded. From the opening bars of the guitar, its apparent that what you are getting here is an honest live sound.

Corinna’s vocals, as always, are spot on - soulful, powerful and with that slightly raw rock edge. Its an interesting contrast with the two back up singers, both talented singers in their own right, who each have a very different quality to their voices.

Tracey Misso’s deep alto with its lovely chocolatey tones is deliciously smooth. Clare Luisa’s soaring high notes offer a great counterpoint and the harmonies are great. My only quibble, and it is a minor one, would be that in some places I feel the backing vocals could sit a little further back in the mix to give Corinna’s vocals a bit more space.

In terms of the band, what can I say - these guys are rock solid. Kanvar Nayer on drums, Sheldon Jones on bass and Jon Cook on guitar and steel - they have nailed the groove here, and I defy anyone who thinks they can listen to this without finding themselves tapping their toes, nodding their head and moving with it.

Check it out for yourself and while you’re at it make sure you have a listen to the first single, White Wedding, as well!"

- REVIEW by Jane Cameron, singer/songwriter/ukelele player, Queensland, Australia.


Corinna Jane - vocals, backing vocals
Kanvar Nayer - drums
Sheldon Jones - bass
Jon Cook - guitar, steel guitar

Guest vocalists:
Tracy Misso
Clare Luisa
Joanna Leigh

Recorded at Newmarket Studios, North Melbourne, Victoria.
Music engineer: Callum Barton.
Overdubs, vocal engineer: Jules McKenzie.
Mixing engineer: Jules McKenzie.
Produced by: Corinna Jane and Jules McKenzie.
Mastered by: Joe Carra of Crystal Mastering.

Executive producer: Thomas Peachey (song selection).

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