The River Song (feat. Corinna Jane)

by Nova

Released 2011
Phonoscope Productions
Released 2011
Phonoscope Productions
This epic "slow burner" was rejected by record labels - "the greatest misjudgment since Decca Records turned down the Beatles". Now self-released by the band, this single CD features stunning, smoldering vocal performances by Corinna Jane.
“Pure gold… an almost Zeppelinesque rocker”
A new independent release, Nova’s The River Song, is ten years in the making, but well worth the wait. The alternative rock CD single with a classic rock sensibility is now available for sale through Phonoscope Productions and is already making a strong impression on radio.
Whilst the tracks were recorded at The Lockup in 2000, they are only now reaching the public. Nova was unable to attract the interest of record labels at the time, an oversight Paddy of website Only Australian Music regards as “the greatest misjudgment since Decca Records turned down the Beatles”.
Nova was created when the group’s bassist and key songwriter, Scott Roy, put together a lineup of the best local musicians and singers he could find, and the results speak for themselves. The Only Australian Music review goes on to describe The River Song as a “slow burner” stating, “Vocalist Corinna Jane is simply amazing. Her voice goes from a smoldering, seductive purr to a stunning high as the song crescendos to a close… The talent in this group of musicians is undeniable.”

Nova’s lineup consists of:
Scott Roy - bass, vocals, ex- The Alice (with Mia Dyson)
Corinna Jane - vocals, ex- Magic Circle Club, The Dormice, also in Liminal
Mario “Lazza” Lazaric - drums, ex- Sledgehammer
“The Stig” Cromwell - guitar, ex- Smokin’ Joker (support for Deep Purple)

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