Star Catcher

by Liminal

Released 2015
Phonoscope Productions
Released 2015
Phonoscope Productions
The ominous tale of a troubled soul. A rock track that is ambient, weightless and dynamic to the extreme, with an ethereal female vocal. This is the extended single version with an instrumental version of the song.
Star Catcher was originally released as part of the AMES Unsigned And Original compilation (2011). The compilation was a limited run CD and sold out quickly. Liminal is now proud to release the item as a download, with fresh mastering.


“i slip my body into the water, candles bounce a soft light, i play some nice music, ethereal stuff from melbourne, a band called liminal, whom i think i may work with in the future, or at least be involved in something with them, they are awesome. yes i hear their sound penetrate the kingdom, the strange ebb and flow, as my body becomes weightless and i hear soft music, the sound of mandolins as i dissolve.”
— Captain Mission, Blog


Drums: Rob Brens
Bass: Mike Dale
Guitars: Stephen Robb
Vocals: Corinna Jane
FX: Corinna Jane


(c) Corinna Peachey/Scott Roy 2000. Lyrics (c) Corinna Peachey 2000. All rights reserved.
(p) Corinna Jane Peachey/Stephen Robb/Michael Dale 2007. All rights reserved.
Recorded at Newmarket Studios and Tran-Aqua Studios, Melbourne.
Mastering by Joe Carra of Crystal Mastering.
Graphic design of cover courtesy of Kanvar Kreations.
Original photography of cover (c) Corinna Peachey 2015.


With the night sky
See what you want to see
White flowers
Muted and serene
And the night sky
Comes together clean
Cold and still
Nothing's as it seems
Nothing's as it seems

Star catcher
Universe in your gaze
Watch the stars at play
Star catcher
Universe in your gaze

With the night sky
A canvas for a dream
Slower than the eye can see
Pack away the pieces
Dawn's creeping in
Driving home
To your impending doom
Your impending doom

Star catcher
Universe in your gaze
Keep the dark at bay
Star catcher
Universe in your gaze

La la la, la la
la la la la, la la
Oh.... Hey... Hey hey, yeah

Star catcher
Universe in your gaze
Keep the night at bay
Oh- oooh.....

Is it quiet, quiet where you are?
Is it quiet now (it is quiet now)?
Just be quiet now
Quiet (quiet) oh
Star catcher...

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