Single Female Wanted

by Liminal

Released 2014
Released 2014
"Man, can she sing... Vocals made me hot. Some men think they're the only ones that can do that... Boy, are they in for a surprise." - Review by TonyKamona on Garageband, 2005.
Liminal's Single Female Wanted was first released on the Payola2 compilation by Smashed Records in 2006. A gospel-tinged blues/rock number, it features call-and-response vocals from lead singer Corinna Jane and guitarist Amber Rich. The rhythm section consists of Alex Steve on bass and Barry Mason on drums and percussion. The song won Track Of The Day on the Garageband music review website, and 14 awards in total, including Best Female Vocals (overall) for the week of 24 October 2005.

Reviewer HarpOFly of Memphis, Tennessee, all but offered his hand in marriage to lead vocalist Corinna Jane, stating, "This singer oozes sensuality... It's a voice I could fall in love with." HarpOFly described the band as "hot" and the song itself as "killer" before resuming his main theme: "The lady can go from sultry to electrifying at will... From low down seductive to clean off the high end of the scale... Sexy, sexy lady. She can sing to me anytime."

(c) Amber Rich/Mark Furphy/Alex Steve/Corinna Peachey/Barry Mason 2003.
(p) Amber Rich/Alex Steve/Corinna Peachey/Barry Mason 2003.

Lead and backing vocals: Corinna Jane
Backing vocals: Amber Rich
Guitars: Amber Rich
Bass: Alex Steve
Drums: Barry Mason
Percussion: Barry Mason

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