"Think Janis Joplin, Nikki Lamborn and Melissa Etheridge all rolled into one magnificent package, and you are pretty close to Corinna Jane. Her vocals could bring grown men to their knees."

"What a voice! I think it is just my taste and may not be a universal truth (I'm really torn on this point) but I think on the more intense sections the singer should be on top just a little more. OK. I realize how that could sound and maybe I mean that too. It's a voice I could fall in love with. Sexy sexy lady. She can sing to me any time."

"Corinna Jane was from the moment I first saw her sing live, the best female Rock Singer I have ever heard" Eleyan Di Palma (HITJ)

"A real singer teamed with old guitar music (seventies). Like a heavier Olivia Newton John. I’m getting strangely turned on. This must be magic…."

"... Bewitching and grand... a journey through the full gamut of emotions. Corinna has the creative instinct to know just how much of her extraordinary vocal power to release at any given moment... Liminal is the sort of band that always leaves you wanting more."

"This song sounds like the best soundtrack to the best John Hughes movie that never was.... something of a lost art... reminiscent of the best late '80s - early '90s guitar pop, without drifting into mere imitation.... Liminal is one to watch."

"'The River Song' is a joint release from Nova and Corinna Jane. The introduction is stripped-down with a warm electric guitar and Corinna's powerful voice. The song alternately rises and falls with the melody increasing in pitch and urgency with effortless grace. There is a particularly impressive transition from the vocal to a short guitar solo before the song finally ends. An epic and beautiful song that is reminiscent of Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan - but rockier and edgier. 'Selfish' sees Nova pumping out a indie-rock track with vocal swapping and plenty of pace. This song has a nineties vibe, bright guitar based music with lots of skill and loads of hooks. These two songs are very different indeed, but both are brilliant."

"It takes some moxie to cover a song as iconic as Billy Idol's White Wedding, but Corinna Jane is up to the task. She turns the snarling MTV rock of the original into a modern brooding epic. Her clear vocals smoulder with barely suppressed intensity before she cuts them loose near the end. Overall, it's an impressive interpretation and Jane puts her own stamp on this well known tune."

““The River Song” was originally recorded back in 2000. It has sat idle, unreleased and seldom heard until now. As far as I am concerned that was the greatest misjudgment since Decca Records turned down the Beatles in 1962. This song is pure gold. It one of those slow burners. It starts off slow, almost seductive as if the song itself is beckoning you to listen. Once there it builds up into an almost Zeppelinesque rocker."

"I admire singers. It’s hard to hide as a singer, standing there with just your voice and your chutzpah.

And Corinna Jane can sing, damn her! With her evocative and bluesy Dusty Springfield-esque tone and the song’s sixties style sound, she took me all the way to Memphis. All you need to hear is the opening chord on a hard-right mixed guitar followed by CJ’s seemingly effortless opening notes and there you are, on Beale Street, eating Gus’ fried chicken, BBQ and black-eyed peas, complaining about the humidity.

To Love Somebody is the second single from Corinna’s upcoming album... Originally written by Barry and Robin Gibb in 1967 for Otis Redding, it’s not a wonder that this song evokes those soul feelings.

While Corinna plainly owns this version of the song one can hear echoes of Nina Simone’s 1969 take on it too - Kanvar Nayer’s drum feel sounds a lot like a pre-Miles Don Alias.

The performances don’t disappoint here either. A good bass player can make you smile involuntarily sometimes and Sheldon Jones’ bass feel is like that. Grin-makingly rock solid, if a little lost in the mix. Jon Cook doing his best Steve Cropper plays a sparse and tasteful guitar solo too (keeping it very Memphis).

After that, the main and backing vocals get a real lift. Corinna’s performance is one of unforced power and musicality and Tracy Misso and Clare Luisa are ‘girly singers’ (said with respect, ladies) in the finest tradition adding great light and punch.

... This is a great version of a classic song. Get on board and let Corinna Jane take you away."

"Some songs have ingrained themselves into the collective musical consciousness so deeply you’d dare not cover them. Melbourne singer Corinna Jane is fearless. And with good reason. Corinna takes on Billy Idol’s indelible hit White Wedding in her latest release, a slick re-invention of the classic tune.

Sparse electric guitars accompany Corinna’s vocal - a restrained, smouldering voice that hints of a power in danger of being unleashed at any moment. This is a singer at the top of her game - assured, controlled, passionate - given space to flourish by her musicians.

White Wedding will form part of an album of covers to be released later this year. Meanwhile, you can hear more of Corinna's stirring vocals on her ReverbNation page. I highly recommend you do."


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